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Ghosts in Corridor

Many people ask me about Ghosts out of interest to try to find out what they are, and why they are here!

In my experience there is a difference between a ghost and a spirit. Ghosts are simply people who have been living, like you and I, who have died, and who for some reason, have got stuck, and not gone back to where they belong - the place where we all come from. The reasons for them getting stuck are many and varied, but usually because they either:-

a) have not realised they have died, or

b) have a strong attachment to something on the earth plane - perhaps something they wanted to complete and have not, or perhaps an attachment to someone.

Spirits on the other hand, are again people who have lived like you and I, but have died and gone on to where they belong. However from time to time, they may choose to visit, to see loved ones etc. These spirits are not stuck here, but travel freely.

Interestingly, when there is a ghost present, there is usually a spiritual doorway created as a means for the Ghost to be able to go home! Often therefore it is not only a matter of dealing with the actual Ghost but also the doorway that the ghost, other ghosts and other spirits can use. This can be very disrupting in the normal energy of a place. Spiritual doorways often can be identified by unusual smells.

When I am asked to help with a Ghost in a house or work place, what I write below is a typical explanation of what I do and what is involved.

My Treatment for Ghosts

Usually I am contacted because something is just not right in the house or work place. It might be that someone has seen or felt a spirit, or simply that there is a  "bad feeling", or perhaps a bad smell that you cannot get rid of.

My contact usually begins by telephone when the person being involved calls to ask for my help. I am usually able to feel the situation immediately, whilst the person is on the phone, and can often tell where the area is situated, that is affected. It is possible sometimes to tell a little about what is going on and if it is Ghost problem or something else.

Sometimes individuals (particularly children and sensitive adults) living in the space can be affected badly by the presence of a Ghost, perhaps through their health, or by lack of sleep, or being irritable etc. but not always.

I tune in to the area and find out what is happening, and then tell what it is that needs doing, in my opinion. We find a time when I can work on the place. This does not necessarily need me to visit, but sometimes that is required, as often I can do my work from my home. We agree a time when I will work on the problem. 

In order for me to work on the area, it is helpful if candles are lit, so often I ask for candles to be put in places that I describe, and for them to be lit as long as possible on the day I am working on the house. Of course, they need to be put out, if the house is empty for any time, but lit again on returning, just for that day.

I then take action to:-

1) Put a loving ring of energy around anyone who is badly affected by the Ghost problem to help them feel calm and safe.

2) Help the spirit leave the house

3) Close any spirit doorways that are present

The energy usually takes about 3 days to settle after my work, so I usually agree a time in advance when we should talk for a follow- up on the situation, about 3 days after my work on the house.

I can usually manage to do this work in about 2 hours, although sometimes a little longer.



Real life Ghost story!


Our life has totally changed!

If I turn back time a couple of months, our family and I were falling apart. Our house was not a nice place to live in. My eldest son and I first sensed that, when we moved in 2 years ago. I kept monitoring this, with the rest of the family, but they couldn't sense the same as me. At one time I thought I was going mad. My boys were not thriving and spoke about our old house all the time. They wanted to move back there.

There was a certain area of our new house that was very unpleasant to be in. Something was wrong there, but we couldn't put words on what it was. It was an uneasiness. It seemed as if there was someone present there, that we couldn't see. My eldest boy would not stay in the room in which the area lay, and I avoided staying in there also. When I was home alone, it was really unpleasant.

I said prayers to have a clairvoyant recommended to me who could rinse out our house to solve this problem. Sure enough, Martin Duxbury's name came to me, and it felt totally right - a feeling which was confirmed, when I spoke to Martin for the first time over the phone. He was very kind and welcoming and easy to talk to.

He could, over the phone, immediately sense that something wasn't right in the same area that I had noticed, even though I had not told him which area troubled me. It was wonderful to get confirmation that there wasn't something wrong with me but that the problem was with our house.

It was like magic, especially as Martin had put a loving ring around our children. They were totally changed.

The house is friendly now - and I always look forward to coming home. Following Martin's advice I bless our house. 

I am forever grateful for Martin's help and I wish that others with similar problems will be able to find the same help from Martin




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