Some of the Reasons why People come to me for Help

If you have any questions about whether I can help, or if I have already helped others with your particular difficulty, please contact me.
The lists below are just examples, of some of the issues that people seek my help about. Others simply wish to experience my clairvoyant expertise or work on their life issues (therapy)
I have worked with people from all walks of life, from the very lowly to the very famous. For obvious reasons I keep individuals names private, but currently I am working with clients on a regular basis who are:-
Actors, Singers (classical, modern, opera), Film Directors, Artists, Engineers, Architects, Models, Computer Programmers, Salesmen / women, Personal Assistants, Secretaries, Alternative Therapists, Musicians, Mothers, Fathers, Retired Team leaders, company directors, unemployed looking for the right job ..........
the list goes on and on and is forever changing and expanding.

Physical & Emotional Issues

  • Sunrays behind cloudsCancer - Breast, stomach, throat, womb, prostate.

  • Changing Career

  • Childhood Issues

  • Contact their own feelings

  • Dealing with anger

  • Depression

  • Difficulties or uncertainties at work

  • Eating disorders

  • Education or learning difficulties for children 

  • Emotional blocks affecting their ability to perform

  • Emotional distress, perhaps from losing a loved one

  • Fear Issues

  • Feeling Abandoned

  • Feeling afraid or unsafe 

  • Feeling Betrayed

  • Feeling vulnerable

  • Feeling not good enough

  • Find direction in life

  • Finding the right CareerAmazing Sunset

  • Handicap

  • Illness - e.g. cancer, arthritis, asthma, cysts, multiple sclerosis, headaches and migraine, heart and lung disease, lupus, allergies, back and spine problems ....... the list is endless.

  • Inferiority complex

  • Infertility

  • Insecurity

  • Insomnia

  • Loneliness

  • Obsessive Behavior Patterns

  • Other specific emotional problems and questions

  • Out of contact with their own feelings

  • Out of contact with their own body

  • Perfectionist Tendencies

  • Performance nerves

  • Phobias

  • Physical or emotional abuse  

  • Physical or mental handicap

  • Physical Violence, e.g. Rape

  • Radiation therapy - help with side effects

  • Sadness

  • Self confidence

  • Sexual abuse Therapy

  • Sexual problems, (physical, mental and emotional)

  • Sing better - remove emotional blocks affecting the voice

  • Stress

  • Stroke - recovery

  • Suicidal thoughts/ suicide attempt(s)

  • To find lost family   

  • To solve behavioral patterns from childhood

  • Trust Issues

  • Tumor - brain

  • Vulnerability

  • Weight problems

  • Wish to Succeed - feeling blocked or stuck

  • Work Issues




Relationship Issues


  • Are you my soul mate?

  • Childhood patterns affecting relationships to loved ones

  • Control issues

  • Couple therapy

  • Dealing with anger

  • Feeling Betrayed

  • Feeling Vulnerable

  • Finding a partner

  • Getting through

  • Having a better sex lifeRelationships

  • Help with Jealousy

  • Heartache & Loneliness

  • Is the person I have met good for me?

  • Move in together?

  • Separation & divorce - help with

  • Sexual Problems - Pain, lack of orgasms, disinterest in sex, physical dysfunction etc.

  • Whether your long term partner is right for you

Spiritual & Healing Matters

Angel with dove

  • For Spiritual guidance

  • To receive Clairvoyant insights

  • To find a direction and purpose in their life

  • To learn about and make contact with their spirit guide(s)

  • To receive healing

  • To receive healing massage for relaxation and stress reduction

Company Matters

  • Analyze budgets

  • Choose products wisely

  • Decide the best source of product material, and from which country

  • Design issues

  • Employ the right staff for specific tasks, being involved from the pre-interview stage

  • Make teams of staff use resources more efficiently and work together better

  • Reorganize their workforce, taking full advantage of the personnel skills of the present staff

  • Consolidate their company assets by deciding the best use of resources, closing some outlets and expanding others

  • Make major merger decisions, and how this will affect currently employed staff

  • Solve personality clashes

  • Take major decisions about the development of a product line