Spiritual Tea

Appearing in

Berlingske AOK Newspaper on 26th September 2008

By: Birgitte Ellemann Höegh               Photo: Andreas Hagemann Bro

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26th September 2008

There is something abut tea and wise old women. They seem to think that as well at Vesterbro’s tea salon, Tante T where, it actually is a wise man, the Clairvoyant Martin Duxbury with vision and senses beyond the usual who invites you inside to a séance in candle light.

“It isn’t any coincidence that it is exactly you who have come here tonight” says Martin Duxbury, referring to the eight women who are sitting well placed in Tante T’s sofas and swinging mahogany chairs in front of tables, with tea in their cups, home made cakes and candles in candlesticks. Martin Duxbury is English and a Clairvoyant, and explains that when he looks around, that we all have the same energy in common. That is also the case for AOK’s journalist and photographer, and it is about that we all want to be visible at parties whilst amongst other people, but most of all we would like to keep ourselves in the background, so that we can look at others and be something for them, because we all are very sensitive and spend a lot of energy on making other people feel good, and on taking care of what others feel about us.

“That gives conflict in you, inside you, which does not have any final solution. Do you know this, do you recognize what I am saying?” Martin asks in English. The eight women in all ages from 30 to 60 years nod, without saying anything. Yes, I guess they can recognize that. “Do you also know the sensation you get when meet another person and right away you notice what you think about the person”, Martin continues. “Mmmm” everyone nods. Martin explains that he, this evening at Tante T, is not going to use his abilities as a medium, who speaks to the dead, but his abilities to look into people’s soul and focus on the living. He will let little films, pictures, feelings and words come on to his inner eye and give us some good advice as to what we need to focus on, what is happening in our lives and what could be good for us. A woman asks if he just automatically catches all the things that are around people that he meets and whether it therefore is not a bit stressful to be him. Martin Duxbury dismisses that because our soul takes care of what the Clairvoyant is able to see, and we apparently, only send off information when we want to.

Martin Duxbury has sat down on a chair in the middle of the room.  He has this evening, his partner through many years with him, who supports and helps on evenings like this, amongst others by creating a visual spiritual frame via her big curly red hair arranged with a fine flower in the side, long dramatical clothes and chains around her neck. She is sitting at a table behind Martin Duxbury and once in a while she comes with supporting and fun commentaries to what it is he tells and keeps the mood alive for the eight intensely listening women.

They have each and every one, paid 175Kr for the evenings meeting, which says something about that have not just stumbled in. In the break we get an opportunity to ask the women why they have come. A mother and daughter have come because the daughter’s sister has used Martin Duxbury as a spiritual coach over a long period of time. They are curious and would like to see for themselves. Two girlfriends, one Italian and the other Portuguese, like challenges, and one of them actually goes around getting a bit bored, even when she is going to the toilet, she can get so terribly restless, she says with a glint in her eye. A couple of weeks ago she had lost her bag, and on the way home from station one, where she had reported the theft, she bumped into Tante T on Viktoriagade, “and then I got to know this charming place and found out that they were arranging Clairvoyant evenings”, she explains. Another young woman has tried something like this previously, and felt like it again. She has brought her friend with her who needed to make some choices in her life. She has just been very ill, got divorced and doesn’t know whether she should change her job or not.

With fresh tea in our cups Martin Duxbury talk personally to each and every one of the people that are there, but whilst everyone else is listening. He looks for a short time at someone, squints his eyes together a bit, puts his head on the slant, takes a deep breath and starts telling. Sometimes he connects visual pictures to his words about energy coins that we need to keep close to our body and oxygen masks that we need to take on ourselves first before we can help others, just like we are told we are to react in an airplane where the oxygen is leaving the cabin. Most of us are laughing a little bit and nodding, totally blown away, because they seem to be recognizing what he is saying. One woman is a little bit more fragile when Martin Duxbury goes close, so he hurries on and talks about less sensitive topics, so that it is easier for the woman.

After two and a half hours, darkness has fallen over the tea salon in Viktoriagade and the candles are now starting to form shadows on the wall. Martin has spoken to all the women and in the end they have had the possibility to ask questions. There is a quiet pause for a moment, and then one person dares to ask very carefully, “Am I ready to meet a new man?” Martin laughs a bit, and says “that is a question that he is often asked” and he answers her. “Often people are looking for a partner but the reason why they do not get one is because they actually do not really want to have a partner as they do not want to share of themselves. So you have to ask yourself if you are ready to share?” There are a couple of other questions about the Jantelov (an old Danish tradition) and the ability to just be able to think about yourself and then the evening is over. We walk out onto Vesterbro’s shiny streets with Martin Duxbury’s good advice and suggestions for new strategies to follow in our head. It had been raining for the last couple of hours, but no one has sensed that at all. One person stands over and waits at a bus stop, another one cycles away and Martin and his partner drive from the tea salon in a big van.

What: A clairvoyance evening at Tante T costs 175Kr including tea. The cakes are baked by one of the owners of Tante T, Mette Marie Sarbo and her mother and you can enjoy something as wonderful as old fashioned as Kiksekage (chocolate layered biscuits) and hand kneaded buns.

When: There are new arrangements Tuesday 30th September and Monday 27th October. There is room for about 20 guests. Tante T is open from Monday to Saturday 10.00 to 22.00 and Sunday 10.00 to 21.00

How: You can sign up on Martin Duxbury’s home page or at Tante T. Tante T is in Viktoriagade 6, Copenhagen V.