3 Fun Intuitive Tests to try!

Using Australian Bush Flower Essences


1. Pictures

2. Names

3. Numbers





1. Picture Method


This test involves making choices

based entirely on the emotional reaction

you have to a picture!

1. Look at the first picture in the grid below

2. If you really like the flower, or really dislike the flower write down its number.

    If not move on to the next picture.

3. Look at all the pictures one by one until you have gone through all 66.

4. Re-examine the Pictures you have selected until you have a list of 5 pictures

    (or less) that affect you the most.

5. Look at the first picture you have chosen, and click on it, to find out its

    meaning and purpose. See if this could be a description of you and some

    issues you work with in your life.

6. Repeat the process for the rest of the flowers you have chosen.


You can also ask me during a session to see which Essences would be helpful for you.


This Picture Grid consists of  Flowers, if you would prefer to do the same

test with Shells Click Here



1 .

2 .

3 .

4 .

5 .

6 .

7 .

8 .Boab

9 .































































2. Name Method



1. Look at the alphabetical list of Names

2. Write down the 5 names (or less) that catch your attention

3. When you have chosen the ones you want, Click on the first name on

     your list to find out its meaning and purpose. See if this could be a

     description of you and some issues you work with in your life.

4. Repeat the process for the rest of the names you have chosen.


This method is based on the names of Flowers, if you would prefer to do

the same test with the names of Shells instead, Click Here























3. Pick by Number Method


1. Write down the 5 numbers that catch your attention

2. When you have chosen the ones you want, Click on the first number to

    find out its meaning and purpose. See if this could be a description of you

    and some issues you work with in your life.

3. Repeat the process for the rest of the numbers you have chosen.


This method is based on Flowers, if you would prefer to do the same

test with Shells Click Here



1.               2.     3.           4.     5.           6.            7.           8.     9.   10.
11.   12.   13.   14.   15.   16.   17.   18.   19.   20.
21.   22.   23.   24.   25.   26.   27.   28.   29.   30.
31.   32.   33.   34.   35.   36.   37.   38.   39.   40.
41.   42.   43.   44.   45.   46.   47.   48.   49.   50.
51.   52.   53.   54.   55.   56.   57.   58.   59.   60.

61.   62.   63.   64.   65.   66.




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8.  BOAB

















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1. ALPINE MINT BUSH - Prostantera cuneata

Negative Aspects - Mental and emotional exhaustion * lack of joy * weight of responsibility
Positive Aspects - Revitalization * joy * renewal

This is a remedy for those in service, giving much of themselves emotionally and listening to people in pain and need. They are having to think of how to help or heal and be creative, as well as often feeling responsible for others. As a consequence, they can reach a point of tiredness, feeling that their life has lost its joy. There is a feeling of "why bother". This Essence works on a mental and emotional level. It puts spring back into their life and into the work that they do. This remedy helps to refresh and revitalize when there is a feeling of mental and emotional exhaustion. Like the other Mints, this is a very aromatic, refreshing and cooling.


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2. ANGELSWORD - Lobelia gibbosa

Negative Aspects - Spiritual confusion * spiritual gullibility * looking for answers outside of self * spiritually "possessed" * interference with true spiritual connection
Positive Aspects - Attaining spiritual truth/protection * access to gifts from past lifetimes * repairs whole energy field

Viewed from one aspect, this flower has the appearance of a Fleur de Lise or a scabbard. The Essence is for reaching ones own spiritual truth by cutting through a lot of the confusion and misinformation i.e. helping one discern the level of truth in "channeled message" from other people. When the flower is looked at the opposite way, it is like a merlin, cloaked in purple with the yellow stamens marking the third eye area. This plant is stunning in its doctrine of signatures. Taking this Essence allows access to and the retrieval of gifts which have been developed in previous lifetimes. It doesn't heal the past, rather it accesses it and brings it forward. It is best to be used on its own, preferable not for long periods. This Essence creates protection within one's own mind. It protects from outside influences so one can receive information for the higher self without interference from other sources or entities. It keeps the soul within the soul. Before working with Angelsword it might be beneficial to have some period working on healing the aura with Fringed Violet. Where Fringed Violet worked to repair areas of particular Aura damage, Angelsword Essence works on the energy fields as a whole. It is certainly a very powerful Essence and one which again is reflecting the tendency of the New Essences to address the higher spiritual aspects of our lives.


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3. BANKSIA ROBUR - Banksia robur

Negative Condition - low in energy * disheartened * weary * frustrated
Positive Outcome - enjoyment of life * energy * enthusiasm * interest in life

This remedy also treats low energy, yet it's different from Old Man Banksia in that it treats people who are normally very dynamic. This remedy will help them overcome their temporary loss of drive and enthusiasm, due to burn out, disappointment, frustration or illness. The remedy will pick them up out of the bog they're in and get them back on solid ground and going again. To enhance this remedy bathe in fresh water two or three times a day to assist in the washing away of negativity.

I enjoy vitality in all aspects of my life now.
I now feel joy, energy and enthusiasm for life.


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4. BAUHINIA - Lysiphyllum cunninghamii

Negative Condition - resistance to change * rigidity * reluctance
Positive Outcome - acceptance * open-mindedness

This is for embracing new concepts and ideas. Especially if there is some hesitation or reluctance initially in coming to terms with these things - e.g. a new situation or concept - even a person who annoys you or whom you dislike. A family of different nationality for example may move in as neighbours, you may not be racist but rather, have trouble accepting their different manners and customs.

I am now able to embrace new concepts and points of view.
I willingly accept new people and situations now.


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5. BILLY GOAT PLUM - Planchonia careya

Negative Condition - inability to enjoy sex * sexual revulsion * physical loathing
Positive Outcome - sexual pleasure & enjoyment * acceptance of physical body * open-mindedness

For feelings of self disgust, self loathing, especially if directed to the sexual area and act. For those people who feel revolted and dirty about sex and feel unclean afterwards. Can also be for feeling revolted by other physical aspects e.g.. acne, eczema, a large nose etc.

I now acknowledge my body with more affection and respect.
I now delight in all aspects of my sexuality.



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6. BLACK EYED SUSAN - Tetratheca ericifolia

Negative Condition - impatience * 'on the go' * continual expenditure of energy constant striving
Positive Outcome - ability to turn inward and be still * slowing down * inner peace

For people who are impatient or always on the go. These people are continually rushing and their lives are always overflowing with commitments. This remedy enables these people to slow down, to reach that still centre in themselves, and find calmness and inner guidance.

I am now able to achieve all that is necessary in a calm and peaceful manner.
I am divinely guided to my Inner Self and I discover my own rhythm.


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7. BLUE BELL - Wahlengergia species

Negative Condition - emotionally closed * fear of lack * greed * rigidity
Positive Outcome - opens the heart * belief in abundance * universal trust * joyful sharing

This remedy helps to open the heart. For those who feel cut off from their feelings. The emotion is there but held within. They are subconsciously afraid to express it for they fear that their feelings of love, joy etc. are finite or not renewable. They operate from a subconscious fear that there just isn't enough. That if they let go of what they have they won't survive. This fear is often marked by a controlling, frigid and forthright manner.

I am now able to give and receive love in abundance.
I am now transforming the walls of my heart into bridges.
I now open my heart to giving and receiving love.


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8. BOAB - Adansonia gregorii

Negative Aspects - Taking on negative family thought patterns * repetition of past negative


Positive Aspects - Releases past negative actions within families - abuse, prejudice * releases

negative thought patterns * releases deep held emotion

The Boab tree is only found in north west Australia. The Essence derived from it is one of the most powerful that Ian White (the discoverer of Bush Flower Essences) has ever worked with. The Boab Essence clears the patterns of the ancestors - negative patterns that are passed on from generation to generation. The energy spiral that exists within the tree represents the many negative patterns and beliefs inherited from forebears that course through people. It is common for the Boab tree to have younger tress growing around it in a circular pattern symbolic of a family. Also Boabs can merge and form into one tree. The Boab Essence can clear the tendency to repeat the same patterns lifetime after lifetime. It will access and clear those core patterns and all the ensuing beliefs. This Essence is also very powerful in helping those who are experiencing or who have had experiences of abuse or prejudice. This can be a pattern that a person has repeated many times and that they are also drawn to in their present life. When used in a spray it can be very effective in clearing negative thought patterns within a group of people or in a specific space. This Essence is very important as it can bring about a positive change in this planet by helping to heal the collective consciousness. Everyone should take this Essence! It is an incredibly powerful Essence and can bring about profound changes.


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9. BORONIA - Boronia ledifolia

Negative Condition - obsessive thoughts * pining * broken hearted
Positive Outcome - clarity of mind and thought * serenity * mental calmness

This is the Essence for resolving obsessions. Thoughts, events, things or ideas which are stuck. It leads to a clear, calm mind. It combines wonderfully with Bottle Brush for dealing with an ended relationship, when there is sadness and pining for the other person.

I now release others to be who they are.
I now release persistent, unwanted thoughts and replace them with inner peace and serenity.


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10. BOTTLE BRUSH - Callistemon linearis

Negative Condition - overwhelmed by major life changes * adolescence * parenthood * pregnancy * old age * approaching death
Positive Outcome - serenity & calm * ability to cope * ability to move on

This remedy will help people move through major life changes and the overwhelm that often goes with these changes, especially retirement, menopause, adolescence, and death etc. It brushes out the past and allows the person to move on. An excellent remedy for pregnant women and new mothers who feel inadequate. It will help throughout pregnancy until after the birth and will also assist bonding between the mother and child. Best not to give to children under the age of twelve as I feel that they choose and know the life events up to this age. Often only needed for one week.

I now break all links that have been hindering my growth.
I now move easily with life's changes.
I now welcome the new responsibilities my pregnancy will bring.

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11. BUSH FUCHSIA - Epacris longiflora

Negative Condition - dyslexia * poor learning ability * stuttering * nervousness in public * ignoring 'gut feelings'
Positive Outcome - courage to speak out * clarity in speaking * in touch with intuition * balancing an integration of left and right hemispheres

This remedy is unsurpassed for resolving learning problems. It integrates the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It's for stutterers, and will give people courage and clarity in public speaking as well as the ability to speak out about their own convictions. The remedy also helps develop the intuitive nature and helps a person listen to and trust their gut feelings.

I now trust and follow my intuition.
My true voice flows freely, clearly and effortlessly now.

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12. BUSH GARDENIA - Gardenia megasperma

Negative Condition - stale relationships * self interest * unaware
Positive Outcome - passion * renews interest in partner * improves communication

For renewing passion and interest in relationships. It helps draw together those who are moving away from one another, busy in their own world (career, life), It's as if the Essence helps turn the individuals heads to reconnect and see where and what their partner is doing and feeling to see what is needed to bring them back together. It's not only for male/female relationships but also for family too.

I now create time to communicate with my loved ones with sensitivity and understanding.
I now discover new ways to strengthen my relationship with my partner/child/parent.

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13. BUSH IRIS - Patersonia longifolia

Negative Condition - fear of death * materialism * atheism * sexual excess * avarice
Positive Outcome - awakening of spirituality * assists dying in their transition * clearing of blocks in the base Chakra and trust centre.

This is a remedy to open up people to their spirituality, and to access the doorway of their higher perceptions. It allows the trinity to flow into a person and is an excellent remedy to give to a person who has just started meditation or 'conscious' spiritual growth. In negative mode there will be materialism and or atheism. There may also be a deep seated fear of death.

I am now attuned to my awakening spirituality.
I now accept death as only another change.
The universe always protects me.

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Negative Condition - lack of abundance, sense of lack, poor stewardship of one's possessions

Positive Outcome - helps one to manifest their desired outcome, assists one with mastery of the physical plane

Christmas Bell is an erect perennial herb which is frequently found in the Hawkesbury Sandstone country of NSW in the low open heaths or swamps.

It grows up to 60cm high with a crowd of yellow tipped, red fused, tubed flowers at the top. Christmas Bell’s flowering time is from late December — hence its name — up until February. Christmas is the time of year associated with the joy of giving and receiving, not only of love, but also from the realm of the material too. This remedy assists one with mastery of the physical plane and with stewardship of one’s possessions. It also helps one to manifest their desired outcomes and is extremely beneficial for anyone experiencing a sense of lack.

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15. CROWEA - Crowea saligna

Negative Condition - continual worrying * sense of 'not quite right'
Positive Outcome - peace and calm * vitality * balances and centres the individual

For people who are not feeling right with themselves, and just a little out of balance. A great remedy for worry & stress. It's for people who always have something to worry about, but never have specific fears. The purple flowers of this plant have five petals-Five in numerology relates to the emotional centre & integration of emotions.

I am now releasing worries and opening myself to more vitality and inner peace.
Peace of mind is mine now.

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16. DAGGER HAKEA - Hakea teretifolia

Negative Condition - resentment * bitterness towards close family, friends and lovers
Positive Outcome - forgiveness * open expression of feelings

For resentment and bitterness. People who hold old grudges against people with whom they've been very close e.g. family members and old lovers. This resentment is never openly displayed.

I am now able to express my feelings honestly and openly.
I now release all buried resentment and bitterness and am learning to forgive.

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17. DOG ROSE - Bauera rubioides

Negative Condition - fearful * shy * insecure * apprehensive with other people * nagging fears
Positive Outcome - confidence * belief in self * courage * love of life and all situations

The flowers on this plant droop like a defeated person. This remedy is for treating fears, niggling little fears, not terror, but fear of being robbed, of swimming, of heights, etc. Overcoming fear allows an increase in energy, and the flow of the vital force, quality of life, courage and increased self esteem.

I acknowledge my own magnificence and feel confident in all situations now.
I now enjoy the company of others.

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18. DOG ROSE OF THE WILD FORCES - Bauera Sessiliflora

Negative Aspects - Fear of loss of control * physical pain with no apparent cause
Positive Aspects - Emotional balance * calmness * sanity in time of turmoil

Found only in Victoria, this essence was made up at Machenzie Falls, in Gariwers, (previously known as The Grampians) the sandstone region northwest of Melbourne. This plant is commonly found growing close to the water. In this particular case, the quivering Dog Rose, a blaze of light purple, was leaning across the path of the raging torrent of white water of the Machenzie Falls. This plant has a very strong Doctrine of Signatures. It is taken when a person has a fear of losing control, when the emotions they are feeling within themselves or immediately around them are just so intense that there is a sense of losing total control. This Essence was made up during the day but was also left overnight under the full moon. This remedy can also be seen as belonging to the Higher Teachings; the teachings of the necessity to gain control over the emotions and not to allow emotional intensity to distort one's natural energies.

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19. FIVE CORNERS - Styphelia triflora

Negative Condition - low self-esteem, especially physical body * dislike of self * crushed, 'held in' personality * clothing - drab and colourless
Positive Outcome - love and acceptance of self * celebration of own beauty * joyousness

Five Corners corresponds to the anatomical position of arms and legs spread with the firth point being the head. This remedy allow the vital energy to flow through and to, these five centres. When this happens a person feels good and strong in themselves. They feel their energy and their beauty. In the negative mode the person will appear crushed and 'held in'.

I am now celebrating my unique strength and beauty.
I am becoming more loving and accepting of myself.

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20. FLANNEL FLOWER - Actinotus helianthi

Negative Condition - dislike of being touched * agoraphobia * lack of sensitivity in males
Positive Outcome - gentleness & sensitivity in touching * openness * expression of feelings * trust * joy in physical activity

The petals of this flower resemble the sensuous texture of flannel. It almost begs to be touched and felt. This remedy is for people who are uncomfortable with physical contact and touching. It is primarily for males, and allows for a gentleness, softness and sensitivity in touching. It helps males to trust their gentleness and express their feelings. For both males and females it brings enjoyment to their physical expression.

I now enjoy expressing and sharing my feelings.
I am open to physical gentleness and sensitivity now.

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21. FRESHWATER MANGROVE - Barrintonia acutangula

Negative Condition - generational mental prejudice * prejudice without experience * closed mind & heart
Positive Outcome - releases and heals mental prejudice * allows us to fully experience * ability to be "open hearted and open minded

The healing qualities that the Freshwater Mangrove brings to humankind is to release and heal mental prejudice. Often the seeds of this prejudice have been sown for a long time and in many cases it is generational. Slender Rice Flower is more for when a person has directly experienced a particular race or religion and had a negative experience which has coloured their view from that group whereas Freshwater Mangrove, the person has already made up their mind about something from a mental level without having personally experienced it. This Essence is very beneficial in those situations where the heart is closed as a result of a mental prejudice. The Doctrine of Signatures in relation to this itching aspect of this tree is represented by the mental irritation that our prejudice can produce within us. This Essence has the potential to allow us to fully experience and be open, on a heart level to all the changes occurring now and that will only accelerate over the next twenty five years.

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22. FRINGED VIOLET - Thysanotus tuberosus

Negative Condition - damage to aura * shock, trauma * lack of psychic protection * poor recuperation since trauma or shock * fear of physical contact since rape or assault
Positive Outcome - removal of effects of recent or old trauma * reintegration of physical and etheric bodies * psychic protection

For treating damage to the aura, where there has been shock, grief or physical trauma e.g. sexual abuse or assault. This remedy maintains psychic protection for those working in psychic areas or after a shock. It works well in conjunction with flannel and Wisteria for people who have suffered physical or sexual abuse. Also use it with people who have not recuperated from severe shock, grief or trauma.

My life force now radiates good health and vitality.
I am balanced and integrated and have universal protection now.

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23. GREEN SPIDER ORCHID - Caladenia dilatato

Negative Aspects - Nightmares * needing acceptance * phobias
Positive Aspects - Attunement * ability to guard information * release of terrors & phobias

This remedy was also make up in Gariwerd (Grampian). The Green Spider Orchid is a plant that is very much aligned to higher learnings and philosophies and deep insight. This Essence can assist in working with telepathy, to attune a person to be more receptive This is an excellent remedy for people who are reaching out to deeper and higher levels. It is also for people who are teaching spiritual matters and understandings. It helps them impart that knowledge. On the other hand it helps an individual to keep information within. In many of the teachings from a higher level it is very important that they not be divulged or discussed with anyone. Many personality types have a great need to be accepted. They desire to share information and knowledge as a way of gaining acceptance or to prove that they are really advancing or developing spiritually. This remedy is very good for guarding information until the energy has been built up within to allow it to be assimilated before letting that knowledge out. Green Spider Orchid can release terror phobias from the past. Also for nightmares which beset children when they are associated with past times, as opposed to nightmares coming up for unknown reason for which Grey Spider Flower is more appropriate. Ian White (the discoverer of Bush Flower Essences) received the message that these two new Gariwerd Essences, Dog Rose of the Wild Forces and Green Spider Orchid, would be dealing with the higher vibrations and herald a new level that people are ready to work at. Both would stimulate rapid growth on the spiritual path.

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24. GREY SPIDER FLOWER - Grevillea buxifolia

Negative Condition - terror * fear of supernatural * fear of psychic attack
Positive Outcome - faith * calmness * courage

A remedy to deal with extreme terror, especially terror experienced in life threatening situations or psychic attack. It also deals with panic, hopelessness and nightmares. The remedy will restore faith and trust. Spiders are the archetypal image for primordial fear.

Divine power protects me now.
Faith, Calmness and courage are now mine.

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25. GYMEA LILY - Doryanthes Excelsa

Negative Aspects - Pride * dominating personality * status seekers
Positive Aspects - Humility * awareness and appreciation of others

This remedy is for excessive pride and arrogance. It can help bring about humility. It is also for people whose personalities are very intense or extrovert. Also for those who are dominating and demanding. For very charismatic people who usually get their way.

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26. HIBBERTIA - Hibbertia pendunculata

Negative Condition - self improvement fanaticism * addiction to acquirement of knowledge * excessive self discipline * superiority
Positive Outcome - content with own knowledge * acceptance, ownership and utilization of own knowledge

For people who are strict and regimented with themselves, or fanatical. It's for people who use their knowledge to gain an upper hand and those who constantly devour information and philosophies, purely to make themselves better people but often without truly integrating it. In the positive mode these people will be accepting of themselves and their own innate knowledge and experiences, without wanting to be superior to others.

I now accept and integrate my inner wisdom.
I am flexible in all life situations now.

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27. ILLAWARA FLAME TREE - Brachychiton acerifolius

Negative Condition - fear of responsibility * overwhelming sense of rejection
Positive Outcome - confidence * commitment * strength * self reliance * self approval

A remedy for those who suffer a great sense of rejection, or who feel 'left out'. This rejection is deeply felt and very agonizing for the person. Also the remedy is for self rejection, or where a person is feeling apprehensive about a new experience e.g. parenthood, or where there is a great fear of responsibility. This remedy will help people take that first step. Also, it is beneficial for people whose ruling numbers in numerology are 11, 22 or 33.

I am loved and accepted in all life situations now.
I now accept responsibility gladly.

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28. ISOPOGON - Isopogon anethifolius

Negative Condition - poor memory * inability to learn from past experience * senility * controlling personality * manipulative personality
Positive Outcome - ability to learn from past experience * retrieval of forgotten skills * relating, without manipulation or control

This remedy is for people who live very much in their heads. They are dominated by their intellect and there is a complete separation between their heart and their head - reconnecting the heart and head. It will open heavily closed doors in the mind and enables the retrieval of long forgotten skills. Also benefits those people who are controlling and/or dominating. It's also for those who suffer from poor memory or senility.

I now learn from my experiences.
I now relate to others with understanding and flexibility.
I now have access to my skills whenever they are needed.

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29. JACARANDA - Jacaranda mimosaefolia

Negative Condition - scattered * changeable * dithering * rushing
Positive Outcome - decisiveness * clear mindedness * quick thinking * centered

A remedy for people who dither, are always starting things and rarely finishing them. These people can never make up their minds because they are constantly changing them. There is a fine distinction between Sun Dew and Jacaranda. Sun Dew deals with dreamers (the space cadet), while Jacaranda is for people who dither, are 'all over the place' and are never able to make up their minds.

I make decisions quickly and easily.
I am now clear-headed and quick-thinking.

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30. KANGAROO PAW - Anigozanthos manglesii

Negative Condition - gauche * unaware * insensitive * inept * clumsy
Positive Outcome - kindness * sensitivity * savoir faire * enjoyment of people * relaxed

This is a remedy for people who are 'green' -  socially inept. They don't know how to properly integrate and interact with other people. They can be very insensitive because they are so focused on themselves they miss the needs and cues of other people around them, they can be very self centred.

I now relate with poise and sensitivity to other people.
I now feel comfortable with other people and enjoy their company.

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31. KAPOK BUSH - Cochlospermum fraseri

Negative Condition - apathy * resignation discouraged * half hearted
Positive Outcome - willingness * application * give it a go * persistence * perception

This remedy is for people who have a tendency to give up very easily, who are easily discouraged. It can also give people an overview of a plan or situation and then allow them to work it through sequentially and be able to bring it to fruition. It could even be for someone with a piece of technology or machinery, to assist them to understand how it works.

I am now willing to respond positively to life's challenges.
I now take control of my own life.

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32. LITTLE FLANNEL FLOWER - Actinotus minor

Negative Condition - denial of the child in the personality * seriousness in children * grimness in adults
Positive Outcome - carefreeness * playfulness * joyfulness

This remedy deals with the child aspect in us all. It addresses the expression of playfulness, carefreeness and spontaneous joy. It's for people who regard life as a very sombre and serious experience. It's also for children who tend to grow up much too quickly, who take on the troubles of the world and get old before their time. It helps children get in contact with their spirit guides.

I am now free to express joy and playfulness.
I now flow spontaneously wherever the Universe takes me.

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33. MACROCARPA - Eucalyptus macrocarpa

Negative Condition - convalescent * tired * exhausted * burnt out * low immunity
Positive Outcome - energy * vitality * endurance

This remedy has a strong affinity to the adrenal glands; bringing about energy and vitality; it gives great strength.

I am now experiencing a renewal of energy and vitality.
I am now tapping into the unlimited energy source with me.

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34. MINT BUSH - Prostanthera Striatiflora

Negative Aspects - Spiritual trial & tribulation * despair * overwhelm * perturbation and confusion
Positive Aspects - Calmness * ability to move on * readiness for initiation

This Essence was made in the area of The Valley of the Winds in the Olgas (Katajuta), an extremely sacred area where the energy is exceptionally powerful. The aromatic Mint Bush exudes an extremely cooling, calming and cleansing feeling; a sharp contrast to the arid, dry heat of the area. On the morning Ian White (the discoverer of Bush Flower Essences) made this Essence he was aware of the presence, on a spiritual plane, of twelve aboriginal elders standing in a circle, surrounding him and giving instructions as to how to make the Essence up, its properties and an understanding of both the plant and the Valley of the Winds. Mind Bush is for the spiritual trials and tribulations that one goes through just prior to initiation, when one feels one is being tested. Perturbation is a word that often describes this state. There may be also a lot of confusion and complexity in one's life. There is not the total despair of the Waratah but very much the feeling that everything is too difficult and too much to deal with. It helps one cope with the dross being burnt off before merging to a new level.

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Negative Condition - neediness, co-dependency, inability to do things alone,

disempowerment, addictive personality

Positive Outcome - strengthening of one's will, reclaiming of one's spirit, belief that one

can break the dependency of any behaviour, substance or person, self empowerment


Monga Waratah a shrub up to 4 metres has a very small distribution around the moist forested areas and creeks of the Mongarlowe River near Braidwood in New South Wales. Its flower has the appearance of an open hand reaching out.

This Essence can help a person find their inner strength. It addresses the negative conditions of disempowerment; of being overly needy; of feeling not strong enough; of feeling unable to do things alone; of always needing the strength and support of others; feeling choked or stifled in situations or relationships and feeling not able or strong enough to leave. This Essence is very much addressing co-dependency as well as strengthening one’s will. Consequently, it can be thought of when working with addictions. This remedy helps one to reclaim their spirit.

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36. MOUNTAIN DEVIL - Lambertia formosa

Negative Condition - hatred * anger * holding grudges * suspiciousness
Positive Outcome - unconditional love * happiness * forgiveness

This remedy clears away hatred, anger, jealousy and the major blocks to the expression of love. It can also reveal deep sadness (which is the other side of anger). It's for people who tend to be suspicious of others. It doesn't deal with apprehension, as Dog Rose, but more so it's for those who are wary or mistrusting. The remedy develops unconditional love, acceptance, and assists in forgiveness.

I am now open to universal love.
I am forgiving in all situations now and always.

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37. MULLA MULLA - Ptilotus atripicifolius

Negative Condition - fear of flames and hot objects * trauma associated with fire and heat
Positive Outcome - rejuvenation * feeling comfortable with fire

It is for physical and emotional recovery from the shattering experience of burns. Think of this remedy for severe sunburn cases from either the past or the present. It's for those with a fear of fire or flames (often from a past life). If this fear is unconscious it will often manifest in a lack of vitality, as if they wish to fade away. If a person presents with this picture, they can, with appropriate counselling, reveal this fear of fire or hot objects.

I now face life with vitality and confidence.
I now release my fears.

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38. OLD MAN BANKSIA - Banksia serrata

Negative Condition - plethoric * low in energy * disheartened * weary * frustrated
Positive Outcome - enjoyment of life * energy * enthusiasm * interest in life

For people low in energy; slow moving people who have been disheartened by setbacks. It can equate with low thyroid activity; sluggishness, obesity and tiredness - very plethoric people.

I now cope with all aspects of life.
I now feel joy and enthusiasm for life.

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39. PAW PAW - Carica papaya

Negative Condition - feeling overwhelmed * unable to resolve problems * burdened by decision making
Positive Outcome - improved access to Higher Self for problem solving * assimilation and integration of new ideas * calmness and clarity

For the assimilation and integration of new ideas and information. Especially where there is a tendency to feel overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of that information. This remedy should be used when one is unable to solve a problem. It will activate the High Self, the place where we have answers to all our problems. It will ease the burden of problems as it activates the intuitive processes to provide solutions.

I am now gaining greater access to my Higher Self.
I now easily assimilate and integrate new information.

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40. PEACH FLOWERED TEA-TREE - Leptospermum sqarrosum

Negative Condition - mood swings * lack of commitment and follow through with projects * hypochondriacs * easily bored
Positive Outcome - emotional balance * follow through with projects * trust and responsibility in one's own health

A remedy for people with extreme mood swings, hypochondriacal people - especially those who have a fear of getting old. It can also be used for people who get enthusiastic and then, for no apparent reason, lose that enthusiasm. It's for people who don't 'follow through' on their goals and convictions. Once the challenge goes they become bored and lose interest in completing their goals. It will develop stability, consistence, drive and 'follow through'.

I now feel a sense of purpose and conviction.
I am now confident about my emotional and physical health.

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41. PHILOTHECA - Philotheca salsolifolia

Negative Condition - inability to accept acknowledgment * excessive generosity
Positive Outcome - able to receive love and acknowledgment * ability to accept praise

This remedy allows people to accept acknowledgment for their achievements and to 'let in love'. They are often good listeners, generous and giving. It helps shy people to speak of their plans and success.

I now acknowledge myself for who I am.
I am deserving of the love and support offered to me and am now
gracefully accepting encouragement and praise.

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42. PINK FLANNEL FLOWER - Actinotus forsythii


Negatives Aspect - Unhappy, Taking for granted , Unmindful Feeling and seeing life to be dull, flat and lack lustre, Easily annoyed, Unthankful

Positive Aspect - Gratefulness Being appreciative Open hearted  Joie de vivre Lightness of being Heart intelligence


This flower is all about heart energy, which is not surprising when you observe the intensity of it's pink centre. It allows one to be in a state of gratitude for all aspects of their life and for what they are experiencing around them. Pink Flannel Flower brings about an appreciation of, and helps one take delight and pleasure in, the details and little things in life; to see and be aware of the blessings in every moment. Otherwise life can easily become dull, flat and one's "joie de vivre" will be missing.

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43. PINK MULLA MULLA - Ptilotus exaltus

Negative Aspects - Deep hurt * isolation/guarded * feeling blocked
Positive Aspects - Overcoming obstacles * opening up * forgiveness

An annual that is found in the stony country of the outback and has a striking, pinky purple conical flower head. The Pink Mulla Mulla is for those who put out prickles to keep people away. They tend to be quite isolated and unable to solve a hurt, wrong or injustice which can be very deep. They carry it around like a scar on the soul. This impinges on their attitude to those around them and can make them suspicious of people's motives, allowing them no rest. Always on guard against people hurting them again, they protect themselves by saying hurtful things to others to throw them off guard. What they say to those around them doesn't always reflect how they really feel. It is a means of keeping people at a distance so they won't be hurt again. This remedy helps to disintegrate emotional blockages. It allows one to "bridge the gap" and get over hurdles.

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44. RED GREVILLEA - Grevillea speciosa

Negative Condition - feeling stuck * oversensitive * affected by criticism and unpleasant people * too reliant on others
Positive Outcome - boldness * strength to leave unpleasant situations * indifference to the judgment of others

This remedy is for people who feel stuck. It acts as a catalyst for those who know what they want to achieve but do not know how to go about it. It is for people who are too reliant on others. It promotes independence and boldness. This remedy is extremely effective though the changes may not be as anticipated.
I am now finding the strength and courage to leave unpleasant situations.
I am a powerful, poised individual acting out of strength and courage.

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45. RED HELMET ORCHID - Corybas dilatatus

Negative Condition - rebellious * hot-headed * selfish
Positive Outcome - male bonding * sensitivity * respect * consideration

This remedy helps a man bond with his child or children. It increases men's awareness of the importance of allocating quality family time. This essence required not only sunlight but also moonlight in its making up, as if adding the feminine principle so as to allow the bonding. It is also for children who have unresolved father issues. Which can manifest as a recurrent, lifelong rebellious attitude to authority figures - police, headmaster, and bosses etc.

I now express greater care and gentleness in my relationships.
I am now able to communicate easily with those in authority.

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46. RED LILY - Nelumbo nucifera

Negative Condition - vagueness * disconnectedness * split * indecisive * lack of focus * daydreaming
Positive Outcome - grounded * focused * living in the present

Similar properties to that of Sun Dew. For feeling scattered, not whole, vague and split. Red Lilly is for people over the age of 28 while Sun Dew is for people under that age.

I am focused in the here and now.
I am now grounded in the physical plane.

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47. RED SUVA FRANGIPANI - Suneiria Rubra

Negative Aspects - Turmoil * emotional upheaval * sadness
Positive Aspects - Feeling nurtured * equanimity * calmness

Ian White (the discoverer of Bush Flower Essences) had a very passionate experience with the Red Suva Frangipani. He was strongly drawn to this plant before he made up the Essence. It is unusual in that it hasn't the aromatic quality of other Frangipanis but a very husky, almost Tibetan kitchen-like odour. While meditating at the base of the plant he was told to go up to its flowers. After doing this he bathed in the energy of this flower and immediately felt tremendous ease, calm and nurturing. This Essence addresses the great emotional intensity, difficulty and hardship that people can go through when a relationship is ending, close to ending or going through a very "rocky" period. It can be taken for the shock of the loss of a loved one. Red Frangipani deals with that enormous sadness. Sturt Desert Pea deals with sadness after the event, whereas this remedy deals with the raw emotions in the middle of the experience. The person can be feeling greatly disturbed, not suicidal as in the case of Waratah, but torn apart by the event or situation.

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48. ROUGH BLUEBELL - Trichodesma Zeylanicum

Negative Aspects - Openly malicious * total lack of concern for others feelings * manipulative * hurtful
Positive Aspects - Unconditional love * openness * compassion * sensitivity

Rough Bluebell is for people who are very manipulative and for those who are deliberately malicious and use people. This can be done either subtly or openly, usually the former. This Essence is also for those who usually play the role of the martyr and like to have others obligated to them. They are aware of the needs of others but want love and affection for themselves and are not concerned about giving it back. They are not open in their attempts to give and receive love and affection and often adopt devious, underhanded ways of doing so. Kangaroo Paw is for those who hurt or ignore the needs of others in an unconscious way because they are self-centred and not aware of others and their needs.

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49. SHE OAK - Casuarina glauca

Negative Condition - hormonal imbalance in females * unable to conceive for no physical reason
Positive Outcome - hormonal balance * conception * fertility

A remedy which is very beneficial in the correction of female hormonal imbalance. It will benefit women, who for no apparent physical reason, are unable to get pregnant - helps with fertility & conception. It removes those emotional blocks which prevent conception. It can also be used in conjunction with Flannel Flower which will help remove the karmic patterns hindering conception.

I now release all emotional blocks preventing conception.
I am now becoming more and more confident about my ability to create.

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50. SILVER PRINCESS - Eucalyptus caesia

Negative Condition - aimless * despondent * feeling flat * lack of direction
Positive Outcome - motivation * direction * life purpose

Silver Princess brings an awareness of one's life direction, sense of what's next and also helps them enjoy their journey whilst striving for the goal.

I am now aware of and follow my true life path.
My actions now reflect my life plan and purpose.

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51. SLENDER RICE FLOWER - Pimelea linifolia

Negative Condition - pride * jealousy * racism * narrow mindedness * comparison with others
Positive Outcome - humility * group harmony * cooperation * perception of beauty in others

For people low in energy; slow moving people who have been disheartened by setbacks. It can equate with low thyroid activity; sluggishness, obesity and tiredness - very plethoric people. This essence has the ability to make an individual aware of the common divinity in all people.

I now express my love and acceptance of all people.
I now perceive the unique beauty in myself and all human beings.

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52. SOUTHERN CROSS - Xanthosia rotundifolia

Negative Condition - victim mentality * complaining * bitter * martyrs * poverty consciousness
Positive Outcome - personal power * taking responsibility * positivity

A remedy for those who have a tendency to feel that they are a victim, that life has been hard to them, that they have been hard done by. This essence helps people to understand that they create the situations that happen to them in their life. That it is not only the negative ones we create but also the positive and that we can change our situation by changing our thoughts.

I am realizing more and more that I create my own reality.
I am growing with each life experience.

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53. SPINIFEX - Triodia species

Negative Condition - physical ailments * herpes * Chlamydia * sense of being victim to illness * fine cuts
Positive Outcome - empowers through emotional understanding * Physical healing

For cutting, stinging like pains as found in blister like lesions such as Herpes, as well as fine, clean, incise cuts. Topically 7 drops are placed in clean water, moisten a pad which is placed over fresh wounds or fill a misting bottle and spray. It can also be used for treating Chlamydia. This remedy can be used internally and externally at the same time. For example, with Herpes, taking Spinifex internally the Essence will reveal the emotional cause that is creating the disease (dis-ease). These causes can then be resolved with the appropriate Essences and/or counselling etc. At the same time the lesion is quickly being healed by the topical application of Spinifex.

I am now seeing the nature and effect of my deeper emotions.
Increasingly, I am understanding the emotional causes of my physical problems.

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54. STURT DESERT PEA - Clianthus formosus

Negative Condition - pain * deep hurt * sadness
Positive Outcome - letting go * diffuses sad memories * motivates and re energizes

It is for removing very deep hurts and sorrows. One of the most powerful of all the Essences and like so many of the Bush Essences, can help the person bring about amazing changes in their life.

I now release the pain in my past.
I am now able to express my feelings of sadness and grief.

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55. STURT DESERT ROSE - Gossypium sturtianum

Negative Condition - guilt * low self esteem * easily led
Positive Outcome - courage * conviction * true to self * integrity

This Essence is for guilt. It's also for following your own inner convictions and morality, helping you to choose what you know you have to do. It can restore self esteem that has been destroyed from actions in the past that you may feel guilty about.

I am now releasing all feelings of guilt and regret about the past.
I am now true to myself in all areas of my life.

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56. SUN DEW - Drosera spathulata

Negative Condition - vagueness * disconnectedness * split * indecisive * lack of focus * daydreaming
Positive Outcome - attention to detail * grounded * focused * living in the present

For people who are vague and indecisive who don't pay attention to detail, or those who tend to split off very easily, especially when there is work to be done. This remedy will keep them in the present. It's for people who tend to be daydreamers, those easily distracted or drawn to drugs.

I am focused in the here and now.
I am now grounded in the physical plane.

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57. SUNSHINE WATTLE - Acacia terminalis

Negative Condition - stuck in the past * expectation of grim future * hopelessness
Positive Outcome - optimism * acceptance of the beauty and joy in the present * joyful expectation

For people who have had a difficult time in the past and who are stuck there. They bring their negative experiences of the past into the present. Life is seen as being grim and full of struggle. When they look at life they only see bleakness, hard times and disappointment without a sense of future. In the positive mode these people will see the beauty, joy and excitement of the present and optimistic future.

I am now releasing my past and seeing joy and beauty in my life.
I live fully and joyously in the present.
I now feel optimistic about life and the future.

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Negative Condition - feeling separated, deserted, unloved or morbid

Positive Outcome - realising we are all one, feeling safe and at peace, heartfelt, compassion, sense of unity


The first aspect of the rare Sydney Rose to strike you is its intense, beautiful colour of the purest, pure pink. Pink is symbolic of the love vibration and the healing quality of this remarkable Essence is to realise and know — on a deep heart level not merely an intellectual level — that there is no separation between us, that we are all one.

If human consciousness is going to evolve then this will need to be the one fundamental premise to be embraced and to operate from, for in so doing it will create compassion, tolerance and love for others and the willingness to help and support others. It is not surprising then, that whilst making this Essence I kept hearing over and over this message "the crowning glory, the crowning glory, this is the crowning glory of the Bush Essences."

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59. TALL MULLA MULLA - Ptilotus Helpiteroides

Negative Aspects - Feeling scared * lack of interaction * feeling unsafe
Positive Aspects - Feeling secure with people * social interaction

Tall Mulla Mulla is for people with a "cold heart". They are unable to take deep breaths. On an emotional level there is not much "circulating with people", as if it feels unsafe and too scary.

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60. TALL YELLOW TOP - Senecio magnificus

Negative Condition - alienation * lonely * isolated
Positive Outcome - sense of belonging * acceptance of self and others * knowing that one is "home"

This is remedy for alienation. There is no connection or sense of belonging to anything...family, workplace, country, self etc. The head has taken over from the heart and soul. As many of these people have been in this state for a long time Tall Yellow Top will often need to be used for longer periods, sometimes up to 6-8 weeks without a break. Be patient with the results from this remedy if sometimes it appears a little slow acting. Remember that some of these people HAVE been in this state for a long time. More than this lifetime?

I am now able to express the feelings in my heart.
I am now opening my heart and connecting to other people and to Mother Earth.

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61. TURKEY BUSH - Calytrix exstipulata

Negative Condition - creative block * disbelief in own creative ability
Positive Outcome - inspired creativity * creative expression * focus * renews artistic confidence

This remedy allows the artist to tune into the Higher Self, channel into creativity and to help through periods of creative block. It also aids the person to clear the emotional blocks and/or discouragements which hold them back from wanting or attempting to express their creativity, thereby giving them the chance either to go forward or stay where they are.

I am now tapping into the universal well of creativity.
I am becoming more confident about and enjoying my ability to create.

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62. WARATAH - Telopea speciosissima

Negative Condition - black despair * hopelessness * inability to respond to crisis
Positive Outcome - courage * tenacity * adaptability * strong faith * enhancement of survival skills

For the person who is going through a 'black night of the soul", and is in utter despair. It gives them the strength and courage to cope with their crises and will bring their survival skills to the fore. This remedy will also enhance and amplify those skills. It's for emergencies and great challenges. This powerful remedy only needs to be used for a couple of days. This remedy was made with great assistance and guidance in profound metaphysical circumstances, from what was known to be the last flowering Waratah of the season. It is most appropriate that this is the first remedy presented in this guide to the Australian Bush Flower Essences.
Waratah is one of the key Essences in the emergency remedy, which is a combination of Waratah, Fringed Violet, Sun Dew and Grey Spider Flower. It has a calming and stabilizing effect on the mind, body and emotions during minor and major crisis. It will quickly address, fear, panic, sever mental stress and tension. If specialized medical treatment is needed this essence will help and comfort the person until that treatment is available. The wide usage of this Essence ranges from such varying conditions as pre-examination nerves through to people suffering gross physical injury. This remedy is excellent and beneficial for all psychological and physical stress. Administer every hour or more frequently if needed until the person is feeling better.

I have courage, tenacity and faith in all situations now.
I am now finding the courage and strength to face the challenges of life.

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63. WEDDING BUSH - Ricinocarpus pinifolius

Negative Condition - difficulty with commitment to relationship
Positive Outcome - commitment in, and to relationships * dedication to goal or life purpose

To be used with people who have difficulty in committing themselves to relationships, whether they be personal, social or business. This remedy can be taken when people begin a union or partnership. It helps in the dedication of that union or partnership. Its common use is for people who flit from one relationship to another, or when the initial attraction fades.

I am now able to commit myself to whatever I choose to undertake.
I am now dedicated to the fulfilment of my life's purpose.

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64. WILD POTATO BUSH - Solanum quadriloculatum

Negative Condition -weighed down * physically encumbered and frustrated
Positive Outcome - ability to move on in life * freedom * vitality

This essence is for those who feel heavy and have a need or feeling to step out of their old self, to go forward with vitality and energy yet feel it difficult to do so. These people tend to be slow and plodding and feel burdened with the physical body. It also helps with feelings of physical restriction and limitation.

My body in now full of energy and vitality.
I am releasing all restrictions on my ability to move forward.

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65. WISTERIA - Wisteria sinensis

Negative Condition - frigidity * sexual hysteria * 'macho male'
Positive Outcome - sexual enjoyment * openness * gentleness

For people uncomfortable with their sexuality. Specifically for those who get tense about sex and are unable to enjoy it. This remedy relates especially to women, but can also be used with males. It's for people who cannot relax or those who are afraid of intimacy. In some instances it may be of benefit to use in conjunction with Fringed Violet especially for cases with sexual abuse or assault. It benefits the 'macho male' personality and will allow him to be more aware of these softer feminine aspects. (Flannel Flower will help the male express these feminine aspects).

I am now comfortable with and enjoy my sexuality.
I am now open to intimacy in my relationships.
I now realize that I have a gentler, softer side to my nature.

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66. YELLOW COWSLIP ORCHID - Caladenia flava

Negative Condition - critical * judgmental * bureaucratic * nit picking
Positive Outcome - humanitarian concern * impartial -can step back from emotions*constructive*ability to arbitrate

Yellow is the colour symbolizing the element of Air which deals with the intellect. The pituitary is the endocrine gland associated with Air and is balanced by Yellow Cowslip Orchid. This orchid is of a very social and gregarious nature, and is commonly found growing in a cluster, another aspect that ties it into

 the element of Air. For Air is very much about social order, group activity and harmony - ordered society. When out of balance there is excessive judgment and criticism.

I am now releasing all judgment and criticism.
I am now able to see the forest and the trees.

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